Louna provides professional face painting, exciting glitter tattoos, clowns and balloon sculpting, arts & crafts activities, party favours and pompom decorations. Whether you are hosting an intimate birthday party or a large celebration, Louna will make your event that much more memorable. We cater to all occasions, including private, corporate, cultural, community, school and daycare events, as well as festivals and fundraisers. It is our pleasure to customize our artwork to help celebrate your special day or holiday.

It is of utmost importance that our clients be happy with our services and products. We have a personal and caring approach and we take the time to discuss your particular event requirements.

Face painting is a wonderful way to add a touch of art and fun to any event. It brings color and joy to all your celebrations. Louna’s work is professional, beautiful and detail-oriented. We use only professional products for the skin, compliant with cosmetic regulations. Visit our gallery to see some of the many faces we’ve put a smile on…

These beautiful sparkling tattoos are perfect for entertaining at any event and because they are waterproof, they are ideal for pool parties, weddings and religious celebrations! They look great and last 3-7 days or even longer if well taken care of. Glitter tattoos will delight boys and girls, teens and adults alike. There are hundreds of tattoos to choose from. You can also have custom-made stencils of your company logo for your next product launch or promotional gathering.

Louna caters to various events requiring a whole team of glitter tattoo artists, such as Canada day, Fête de la St-Jean, soccer tournaments and cultural festivals, so give us a call or drop us a note well ahead of time to ensure the availability of our team and enjoy a hit celebration!

Opening a Yoga studio? Offer your clients a "Yoga" glitter tattoo for them to enjoy, and it is sure to grab some attention during and after your grand opening!

Ladies, why not hire Louna for your next bachelorette party, wedding shower, baby shower, or girls' night out? Aside from the many stencils to choose from, Louna also provides free-hand glitter tattoos, in the style of Henna tattoos. Visit our gallery to see how you can add a touch of bling and fun to your party!

Tattoo care & removal

Tattoo care & removal:

  • Do not apply lotions or sunscreen to your tattoo as this will diminish its life span.
  • Do not rub with a towel after showering, bathing or swimming.
  • To remove your tattoo, apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil and let soak for 1-2 minutes. Then wipe off with a cotton pad.

A favorite among kids of all ages! She is sweet, talented, funny and connects wonderfully with her little audience. Hire our clown for an intimate storytelling/magic show followed by a balloon sculpture for every child. Imagine a show in a room packed with toddlers at a daycare center! Let her welcome your guests at a big event with her warm smile and dazzling balloon creatures.

Fun filled loot bags are a nice way to thank your little guests for their presence or participation and to offer a souvenir of your event. We offer creative wooden toys and candy which has no artificial colours or flavours and is made in a peanut-free facility.

If you would like to give something smaller, our flower creations around our favorite little toy make a perfect offering. If you would like to offer something fancier, opt for a hand-crank music box and candy bag placed in a beautifully decorated box or bag. We're happy to wrap all of our gifts in the colors of your choice!

We love these pompoms and flowers which we hand make with tissue paper. They create a warm, beautiful, cheery ambiance. Here are just some of the spaces you can decorate with pompoms for that lovely look:

- Hang just a few from the ceiling over your dinner and dessert tables - Hang a lot from the ceiling to decorate a reception hall or room - Hang some in the trees for a fresh, colorful garden party - Decorate your child’s bedroom or play area

Pompoms range in size. Our standard sizes are small (4” and 5”, which we tend to call flowers), medium (12” and 15”) and large (20”). The flowers are charming around a candle centerpiece or provide a centerpiece themselves when placed in a vase or bowl. They also make exquisite toppings on gift boxes and napkins. They come in a variety of soft and bold colors and you can ask us to make the edges round or pointy. We can also make the pompoms round (for hanging or placing in a vase) or flat (so they can rest well on a flat surface).

Call us with your ideas and we’ll be happy to make some color, size and shape suggestions.

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If you're looking for an activity to engage the children, we're happy to help! Our arts & crafts activities are A to Z mess-free! We provide all the tools and supplies, attend to the young artists and clean up afterwards. We offer an artistic session adaptable to children of all ages and crowds of all sizes. So whether you are entertaining a small group of youngsters at home or hosting a large event where little ones come and go, there is a perfect something for everyone. Grant your little guests some wonderful creative time, kick back and enjoy a break!

"Dearest Louna,

A huge thank you for your wonderfully creative gift of the belly painting you did for me last week. Not only was it absolutely beautiful and so generous of you, it was such a gift for me to sit still for a few hours and give my growing bump & baby some love and attention, as it is so easy to neglect it in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. The fact that you have such a beautiful, warm, cheery, caring nature just made the experience so much better.
Many, many thanks. Xo

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